‘Tis the Season To Upgrade Your Home Security System Affordably


‘Tis the season to be jolly, but it’s also the season to address the security concerns that arise when you’re away from home for the holidays. Whether you’re working long hours to pay for gifts, taking off overnight to visit far-away family, or out enjoying a series of late-night parties, there are all kinds of opportunities to leave home this time of year – which, unfortunately, leaves your house vulnerable to major breaches in home security. Pennsylvania homeowners don’t have to be helpless, though; the right security system can help you put those worries right next to the elf on the shelf, and keep them there all month long.

Here are some important concerns a smart home security system can nullify this holiday season.

Parcel Theft Threats

Parcel delivery drivers are working around the clock to get our gifts delivered on time. And yet, they aren’t the only ones who are busy. Many criminals are “working,” too, by scouring neighborhoods to find deliveries they can steal off the front porches of unsuspecting homeowners.

Here’s how a smart home security system can prevent this from happening. If you have a doorbell camera, it can send a video alert to your smartphone so you can see him delivering it. Using the two-way voice communication feature, you can ask him to set the package inside for you. How does he get in? You’ve unlocked the smart locks with your phone, of course! Instantly, the threat has been eliminated.

Empty House Hazards

Planning a trip for Christmas or New Year’s? If you’ve ever seen the film Home Alone (who hasn’t?), you know that the house could be vulnerable to break-ins while you’re gone. But if you have smart locks as part of your security system, you can lock up the house remotely with the home security app on your phone – and if anyone is coming by to feed pets or take care of things around the house for you, you can let them in remotely as well.

But what about the risks of the home looking unoccupied while you’re gone? When smart lights are part of your system, you can program those lights to come on every evening at the same time. Just by keeping the house lit at night, this can greatly reduce the risk of break-ins.

Unmonitored Entry Risks

And of course, cameras placed around other parts of the house are powerful tools as well – especially back doors, sliding glass doors and other points that may be vulnerable to forced entry.

During a free home security consultation, you can find out what parts of the house would best be protected by the watchful eye of connected cameras, which are monitored 24/7 by trained security operators at the central station. To make this appointment with an experienced provider of home security, Pennsylvania homeowners can call Park Security. We will be glad to schedule a time with you.

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