Windows and Sensors: Your Sentry Against Home Invasion

There’s a misconception that home invasions are only possible with forced entry; for example, the intruder smashes a door lock, uses fancy tools to pick the lock or breaks the glass in a bedroom window. But this is not always the case, and it’s important for homeowners to understand that. In fact, over 500,000 home invasions per year involve no forced entry whatsoever. These are not necessarily incidents where the intruder knows the homeowner, either. Many of them are made possible due to the homeowner neglecting to do due diligence – for instance, leaving a window unlocked.

A Window to Home Invasion

It’s easy to forget to lock windows, especially in the summer months when people tend to crack windows open to cool the house down in the evening. But it’s no exaggeration: An unlocked window is a window to potential home invasion. The fact is, a window is an entrance into the home and that’s all a burglar or violent criminal needs in order to carry out a nefarious plan. What can a forgetful homeowner do to reduce the risks? Find a way to get reminded by the security system itself.

A System that Reminds You

To help homeowners reduce incidents of forgetfulness, a smart security system can be programmed to send reminders through the home security app. This means the homeowner receives a notification to their phone if a window is left unlocked or open. The homeowner can also program “scenes,” which are series of commands to the system such as “lock doors, lock windows, arm system.” These are great tools for forgetful homeowners.

Smart Locks, Smart Security System

Unlike a traditional security system that involves a few sensors and a simple alarm, a smart security system incorporates those traditional methods with an entire network of devices in the home: multiple sensors, a monitored alarm, and smart locks for all doors and windows. The smart locks are tamper resistant, so burglary tools can’t penetrate them. They aren’t traditional locks, inside or out, so picking the lock just isn’t possible.

As for the sensors, they can be placed in multiple locations throughout the home so that if an unlawful entry takes place, the alarm sounds and the monitoring center contacts the homeowner within seconds. When these connected locks and devices are programmed to work together, they can be a homeowner’s best sentry against home invasion.

Ready to Learn More?

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