Rest Easier When You’re Away from Your Vacation Home

Vacation Home Security by Park Security

Whether it’s on a lake, by a seashore or in a mountain setting, vacation homeowners have worked hard for their little piece of paradise. Of course, an investment like this is still not without its worries – especially worries about home security. After all, there’s always the possibility that nefarious people will take advantage of an empty house. They may burglarize, vandalize or even squat for days on end. What’s a vacation homeowner to do? Hopefully, they can avoid this scenario altogether by turning that vacation home into a smart home. Here are five ways a smart home vacation house can be more secure when no one is home.

1. There are always eyes on the property.

It’s nice if the year-round neighbors offer to keep a watch over things when you aren’t around; however, they aren’t normally able to do it 24/7. Also, neighbors are typically only able to react to problems once they happen. With smart home technology, intruder activity can be detected the moment it begins – and the electronic intervention is triggered right away.

2. It’s totally inconspicuous.

Your well-meaning vacation home neighbor might be able to watch over the property while you’re away, but her best intentions may backfire. Once an intruder sees her peering through the window, that can put her in danger. With smart home technology, a network of discreet security sensors are hidden around the vacation home so that intruders are unaware they are being watched until they trigger one of the sensors.

3. The sensors trip an alarm.

The motion sensors are designed to trip the alarm and alert the monitoring center so that police will be dispatched. As the homeowner, you also receive a call from the monitoring center so you can be aware of what’s going on and make any decisions that need to be made. The sensors can also include glass break detection, so that if an intruder breaks a window, the alarm will sound and the center will be contacted.

4. There’s an app for that.

Vacation homeowners need to know what’s going on when they aren’t there – and fortunately, there’s an app for that. The home security app can be accessed from the owner’s smartphone anytime to check on whether doors are locked, windows are closed, and the security system is armed. Also, the homeowner can control the climate of the home and even the lighting if desired – and of course, any security cameras can be checked on so you can view their footage as needed.

5. The home itself is protected.

A vacation home is an investment that deserves protection. By turning it into a smart home with a single system, everything from deadly carbon monoxide to flood conditions or freezing pipes can be detected. If you receive a notification of any of these hazards, you can send help to the home immediately to fix the problem. And just like that, your investment is protected.

To learn more about a smart home system for your vacation home, contact Park Security this summer. We look forward to helping you choose smart home security technology that fits your needs.

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