Home Security and Home Automation for Young Homeowners

Whether it’s college commencement, a wedding or the summer moving season, this is the time of year when young adults tend to make big life changes. For some driven young adults, it may even be time to take the plunge into buying a starter home.

Naturally, many of them are curious about technology that offers them home automation. After all, this is the generation that has grown up with their own mobile devices. Like Mom and Dad, they want life to be simpler – but like their peers, they know technology is the way to make it happen.

At the same time, young adults also like the idea of having security systems that help them protect their first major investment: a home of their own. But can they afford both? Many of them can, with a system that combines home automation and home security in one.

Bundling Home Automation and Home Security

With one comprehensive system, young adults with starter homes can bundle equipment that:

  • Senses possible home security threats. The system contains motion sensors, glass break detectors and connected cameras that can be installed in critical points around the home. All the devices are integrated, which means they work together to detect threats and communicate them to the homeowner. A smartphone notification alerts the homeowner when a potential threat is detected.
  • Provides safer home entry. Entering the house at night is faster and safer when smart locks are connected to the security system. Young homeowners are able to disarm the security system, unlock the door and even turn on the lights with their phones before they ever leave the car. This can help them get in the house quickly and securely.
  • Helps them use less energy and pay lower utility bills. Young homeowners who are concerned about their footprint and their bank accounts can opt to include a smart home thermostat that takes care of this for them.

When home automation and home security are combined, a starter home can also be a smart home. There’s no need for young homeowners to wait for home automation technology or home security.

If you are a young homeowner interested in bundling smart home technology and home security, contact Park Security Systems. We would be glad to provide a free home security consultation.

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