A More Modern Man Cave With Home Security

Would you like a more modern man cave? Maybe a better question is, who wouldn’t? The point of having a man cave – aside from a place to retreat – is to have a perfect place for your projects. And speaking of perfect, isn’t Father’s Day the perfect time of year to dive deep into a fun new project for the man cave?

Here’s our recommendation: Upgrading your home security system to a smart home, so the man cave can be modernized, fully automated and totally impressive. If you go for it, here’s what you’ll enjoy.

Better Security for Valuables with Smart Sensors

Man caves have come a long way in the past few years; now, men are more likely to have their own “real” rooms in the home than a corner of the garage. If you’re a guy who likes to display valuables in that room, then you need a way to protect them. A smart home upgrade to your security system is the perfect way to do this, because you will receive a smartphone alert anytime someone approaches that glass-encased cabinet.

Effortless Entry With Smart Locks

When guests drop by the house to see the honorary dad or grad, how much fun will it be to let them in the house without ever leaving your couch? They’ll still ring the bell, but you can see who it is and speak to them through the doorbell’s camera speaker. Then, you’ll let them in by opening the smart lock you now have on the front door. It’s virtually effortless – and, it’s impressive!

Total Automation with Alarm.com

One of the biggest advantages of a smart home upgrade is the total automation of the home’s most important functions: the security system, the lights, the locks, and the thermostat. Think about the impact that can have on your man cave and the gatherings you host there. Just before a party, you’ll be able to set the scene – literally. A “scene” on your system is a series of customized events you can program to happen all at once, with a single tap on the phone. You’ll be able to lower the lights, unlock the doors, turn down the thermostat and disarm the security system all with a tap on your mobile app. It’s an entertainer’s dream.

To learn more about modernizing man caves in Pennsylvania with a smart home upgrade to your security system, contact Park Security. We will be happy to show you what’s possible.

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