Why Mobile Apps are the Future of Home Security

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The home security system most people know – with its clunky buttons, loud beeps, and code after code to memorize – is a thing of the past. Today’s home security allows homeowners to take charge of their systems with mobile app management. Here’s why a mobile app is the best way to manage your home security.

There’s an app for everything.

The old Apple tagline, “There’s an app for that” sums up the reality we all live in now – and it’s a reality to be celebrated. With our busy schedules and endless responsibilities to juggle, mobile apps offer convenience that most of us crave. We use them to do everything from order our dinner to pay our bills. Now, we can also use them to manage our home security: locking and unlocking doors, arming and disarming the system, and even checking on the security video from our phones.

Nobody likes logging in.

People have been using the web to do their personal business for years – but now that we’ve been doing it for so long, many of us no longer like the ritual of logging into websites to do what we need to do. Remembering usernames and passwords is a hassle, and resetting those credentials takes up time most of us simply don’t have. But with a mobile app to manage your home security, there’s no need to worry about a login; all it takes is a simple tap on the app, and you’re in. Zero effort for maximum results.  

Your security needs change.

A homeowner’s security needs will change over time, and there should be an easy way to change your security roles accordingly. When you go on vacation, you’ll need to add your house sitter to the system with his or her own code (don’t worry; you can deactivate the code when you return home). If there’s a major life event – a divorce, for example – codes may need to be changed to restrict access to someone who no longer lives in the home. A traditional home security system couldn’t accommodate those needs very simply, but a mobile app for home security can. It keeps up with the changing needs of homeowners.

These are the compelling reasons to use a mobile app for management of your home security. Pennsylvania homeowners, find out more by calling Park Security Systems.

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