Valentines Day Security For The Home & Family

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It may be the romantic weekend of the year – but if you experience a home security breach, it just might become the worst weekend of your year. To reduce those chances, take note of these home security reminders this weekend.


Turning the lights down low for a romantic vibe? That’s fine indoors, but your front porch light should still be on in addition to any motion sensored lights you have over the garage, outside the backdoor or anywhere else on the exterior of the home (you do have motion sensored lights outside, don’t you?).


Candles are beautiful, fragrantly scented open flames that pose a very real fire risk if used improperly. Never fall asleep with candles burning, no matter how cozy it feels – and, be sure to extinguish candle flames before moving from one room to another. Consider purchasing flameless candles for the same soft glow effect without the fire risk.


Going out for Valentine’s Day, or going away for the whole weekend? Don’t alert your social media circle until after you get back, and only tell a trusted neighbor – not the whole neighborhood. To a home intruder, knowing you’ll be away on a night like Valentine’s Day is valuable intelligence to assist with planning their crime. Leave an indoor light on while you’re away – and if you’ll be gone for the whole weekend, ask a friend or relative to check on the home daily. If they’re able to turn the lights off during the day and on at night – or, they’re willing to housesit for the entire time – those scenarios are even better.

Valentine’s Day home security can be simple when you follow these common-sense steps. For more home security solutions that make sense, contact Park Security.


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