Is It A Good Idea To Install Your Own Alarm System?

The idea of installing your own alarm system sounds appealing on the surface: no paying for installation, no paying for monthly monitoring service, and the “freedom” to do things your own way. It’s a route many homeowners consider when they’re looking for home security on a tight budget. But unless a homeowner has a background in professional electronic installations, the risk of user error is great – and that’s not the only drawback.

What About Monitoring?   

With a self-installed security system, there are very few options for monitoring services. For the most part, these kits are designed for bare bones performance; it may activate an internal siren to scare off an intruder, but there is no central station monitoring the system to dispatch police. Is it better than no security system at all? Sure. But it barely scratches the surface of what a monitored alarm system can offer.

No Remote Access 

Installing your own alarm system is connected to one more disadvantage: no remote access to your system. Most do it yourself alarm kits are not designed to connect to your smartphone, which means there’s no way to control the system while you’re away from home. You also won’t receive any notifications when the alarm is triggered by your motion detectors. If you’re at work or on vacation, how will you know your alarm was activated? We advise people to never underestimate the power of remote access to their security system.

For homeowners who want their home security modernized, simplified and as effective as possible, professional installation is the smart choice. And for those who have installed their own alarm systems in the past, now may be a great time for an upgrade to a professional installation and monitoring. At Park Security Systems, we can upgrade your outmoded alarm to a fully integrated security system. Contact us to learn more.

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