Extra Love for Your Home: What Home Control Can D

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That hearts-and-candy holiday we celebrate this month isn’t just for the people we love; it can also be a great time to take better care of the things we love, like our homes. One of the best ways to do this is to make the upgrade to home control security technology. Here’s how it can show some extra love to your home.

By Capturing Important Events

Unfortunately, most of us are unable to be home during some of the most important hours of the day. But with home control, it’s still possible to see what’s going on thanks to the smart cameras that capture all the events you need to know about: everyone who rings the doorbell, the family members who arrive home from school or work, and anytime a package gets delivered. You’ll get a video alert you can swipe on and watch the clip live. If there’s a doorbell camera, you can talk to the person and give directions about what to do next. Talk about having true control over your home.

By Memorizing Your Patterns

This is next-level intelligence that yesterday’s homeowners could only dream about. To make sure you only get alerts for the things that matter, you can program your system to memorize your household patterns so that alerts are only sent when the activity is unusual. If you’d like to turn alerts off for a day or two while the family is home, you can do it – but only if you want to. Home control is about customizing your home security until it’s a perfect fit for your family’s unique needs and schedule.

By Making You Aware of Hazards

Not all risks around the home are related to security. Some risks are environmental, like potentially life-threatening threats like fire or carbon monoxide. But there are environmental risks to your home that can damage it severely, like flood it or freezing pipes – and your home control can make you aware of them when the risk first becomes present. As soon as the hazard is detected, you’ll get an alert so you can intervene immediately.

As you can see, home control is a great way to give your home some extra love. To learn more about this upgrade to home security, Pennsylvania homeowners can contact Park Security. We would love to answer your questions.

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