Are Wireless Home Alarm Keypads Better Than Wired?

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A wireless home security system – why are they better than the flipside (a keypad that’s wired into the home’s infrastructure)? Let’s look at a few very persuasive reasons.

It’s not linked to old technology.

The original home security systems were dependent on electrical wires and landline phones to work – outdated technology that most homeowners have moved on from. But with wireless home security technology, that technology stays in the past where it belongs. A wireless keypad can be installed nearly anywhere, and the technology it relies on to work is a dedicated cellular connection.

It’s not vulnerable to interference.

Because it was dependent on hardwired infrastructure, the original home security systems would be rendered useless in the event of a power outage, an intruder cutting the cut phone line, or the internet connection going down. But with a wireless alarm keypad, that dedicated cellular connection keeps the system protected from interference.

If you make the wise decision to use a home security mobile app, the power of wireless security management can do even more: lock and unlock the doors, arm and disarm the system, and even give you an instant view of your camera footage. Again, this happens without a landline or a mass of wires.  

It’s an easier installation.

An easier installation is great, but did you know that an easier installation can be a more affordable one? That’s because there’s no drilling or complicated electrical work involved. With wireless keypads, the installation is simpler and faster; plus, your home stays intact and undamaged.

These are some of the most persuasive reasons to make the switch to wireless keypads, as opposed to hardwired keypads for your home security. Pennsylvania homeowners interested in learning more can call Park Security Systems for more information.

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