Smart Home Schedules and Scenes to Run Your Home

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Modern home life is active and demanding; no wonder homeowners are looking to devices like Alexa, Google Home and Amazon Echo to help them stay on top of it all. But can your security system partake in the fun too? If you’ve chosen to integrate smart home technology, it can. Using two of the most cutting edge, built-in features in your home security app, you can achieve better household management. Those features are, respectively, Schedules and Scenes.

Managing Home with Schedules

Using the Schedules feature on your app, you can program your system to make sure your security cameras only start recording when you want them to. For instance: Don’t want the kids running in and out all weekend to be recorded? With Schedules, you can program the system to accommodate that.

And if a smart thermostat is one of your devices, you can make sure it only goes up or down at the times you want it to. The result is a more comfortable home and energy bills that are aligned with your budget. Smart home technology already helps you manage your household, but the Schedules feature can help you manage it even better.

Managing Home with Scenes

The Schedules feature isn’t the only way to get more control out of your smart home technology. With the Scenes feature, you can manage your whole network of smart home devices with one-tap commands on your app.Here are the details.

There are four pre-set scenes that are already programmed in your app: Home, Away, Sleep and Wake Up. Although they already have commands built in, you can edit these commands to add or delete as you wish. Want one of your scenes to include commands for lighting – say, leaving one light on while everyone is asleep? In your Sleep scene, just program all your connected lights to turn off except for that one.

Doing More with Scenes 

You’ll also have the ability to create your own customized scenes, like “Movie” or “Kids Bedtime.” These are some very practical, granular ways to use your smart home technology for modern home management. And yes, your Alexa, Google Home or Echo device is also connectable.

Schedules and Scenes are ideal complements for smart home security. Pennsylvania homeowners who want to learn more, call us at Park Security Systems. We will be glad to give you details.

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