Why Fake Security Cameras Won’t Work For Your Home

Why are so many urban myths related to safety and security at home? They range from teenage stories of mythical nighttime prowlers, to the more “grown up” tales told by adults – like “all you need is a fake security camera” to keep real criminals away, for example. Is there any truth to that one? In most cases, no. Maybe you have known someone in the past who was able to keep burglars at bay without an operable home security camera, but there’s no way to prove that his decoy was the reason. The truth is, seasoned burglars almost always know better.

And, here’s some more truth about fake security cameras:

They can’t show you what’s going on.  

A camera that’s connected to the home security system will be triggered by the motion of someone at the door, record the footage, and send an alert to your smartphone so you’ll be able to watch it right away. From there, you can take action as you see fit. A fake camera can’t do any of these things.

They can’t help you catch anyone.

If the person at the door is up to no good, a real home security camera will spring into action and send you a clip of their activity – whether it’s stealing a package, trying to break in, or trying to peer inside. And if there’s a doorbell camera, you can speak to them through the two-way communication speaker to tell them it’s time to get off your property.

If there’s a fake camera? None of these things can happen.

They aren’t connected to a security system.

Then, there’s the worst-case scenario: the person at the door is a criminal intent on forcing your front door open, even if he sees the camera. A real, connected camera will communicate with the intrusion detection system; the alarm will sound, and the central station will get the signal right away. Even if they are unable to speak to you, their job is to send help. A fake camera with no security system can’t do these things, period.

Clearly, there’s a big difference between the false security of a fake camera and the security that a real camera provides. To learn more about any of the features discussed here, contact Park Security Systems. We’ll be glad to answer your questions.

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