Putting a Stop to Porch Theft In Your Neighborhood

Having a delivery stolen off your front porch isn’t just an inconvenience; it’s an act of victimization, and a crime that you can and should report. But is there a way to put a stop to porch theft once and for all? There certainly is a way to reduce the risk of it happening, and your home security system makes that possible. Here’s how, specifically if the system is equipped with smart home upgrades. 

With Video Alert Awareness

When smart security cameras are connected to the security system, homeowners can receive a video alert when someone is on the porch. So whether it’s the truck driver delivering the gifts you ordered – or, someone with far more menacing intentions like a porch thief – you’ll get a video alert on your smartphone, so you can see who’s there right away.

With Technology Integration

If a video doorbell is one of the cameras that’s installed, homeowners can talk to the person on the porch. If it’s the delivery driver, you can thank him and request that he leave the package inside after using your smart lock to open the door – again, just with a swipe of your phone. And if he’s a porch thief? Well, then you’ll be able to tell him to get lost – and, make sure he knows you’re calling the police.

With Sharable Video Clips

And when you do call the police, you’ll be able to send them that video clip of the thief standing there with his face in full view. That way, they’ll know what he looks like whether or not you choose to file a report. You can also post it on social media, to make everyone in your circle aware of what’s going on in the neighborhood.

These are some powerful ways to put a stop to porch theft, and they’re made possible by a home security system that’s available to homeowners like you. To learn more about these technologies for home security, Pennsylvania homeowners can call Park Security Systems. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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