Connecting Smart Speakers and Home Security

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Did you miss the smart speaker trend a few years back? That’s okay, because these home management devices are still popular and even more powerful. If your home is getting its first Alexa, Google Home or Amazon Echo for the holidays this year and you are already have a security system with smart home capability, you’ll be able to make up for lost time immediately. Here are a couple of scenarios that show how integrating these two systems can make home life happier and more secure.

Scenario #1: Answer the Door Safely and Conveniently

You probably already know that smart speaker devices can play music – and, that they can tell you what time it is, what the weather’s like, or what’s going on in the news. But once this device is integrated with your smart home security system, it can do even more.

Let’s say you’re at the stove cooking dinner, your young kids can’t be left in the room alone, and someone is at the door. Rather than leave the kids to answer it, you can talk to your visitor through your smart speaker while they listen at the doorbell speaker. This is only possible if your devices are connected, and that’s why it’s important to consult a professional home security integrator about making it happen. 

Scenario #2: Impress Your Guests and Save Time

When smart speakers were a new product, people loved showing theirs off to guests – and why not? They’re fun and impressive.

But when your smart speaker is connected to your home security system, things can be even more impressive. If guests are too cold or too warm, ask your device to turn on the heat or AC. Want a cozier vibe in the room where everyone is gathered? Command your device to lower the lights. When your security system is connected to your smart speakers, you can do all these things and more.

For homeowners with smart home security systems, integrating with a smart speaker device is the next logical step toward total home automation. For more information on connecting your home management devices, contact Park Security Systems. We’ll be glad to answer your questions. 

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