3 Things A Monitored Home Camera System Can Do For You

Although cameras are among the best choice homeowners can make when starting out with home security, it’s important to note that not all home security cameras are the same. In fact, many of the cameras you see at retailers are not connectable to a home security system at all; this renders them much less useful than cameras that can be integrated. When you invest in home security cameras that are from a home security dealer, they will be fully connectable to your monitored home security system – and that means they give you the following advantages.

Valuable Smartphone Alerts

Connected home security cameras have unique features that out-of-the-box retail cameras don’t have. One of the most vital features is the ability to alert the homeowner when there’s motion captured by one of the cameras. The homeowner can swipe on the alert and view the clip from the convenience of their own smartphone, to determine if what is happening is a home security event or not. 

Customizable Intelligence

Of course, some of these alerts will not be emergencies. Many times, it may simply be family members coming and going around the house. That’s why the customizable features of a smart home security system are so valuable; they allow the homeowner to pick and choose the events that will trigger a video alert. These alerts can be filtered based on what camera captures motion, and what time of day it’s captured.

You can even choose to turn alerts off when you’re home for the day and the security system is disarmed. A smart home security system makes your cameras smart, too; a standard camera set from the store doesn’t offer this.

Helpful Household Management

Of course, some day-to-day events still warrant a video alert. What about when the kids come home from school? Because your cameras are connected to your smart home security system, they can trigger a once-a-day video alert when the kids use their unique user codes to open the front door.

Likewise, a video alert will still be triggered when there’s an alarm event – i.e., a possible break-in. The alarm event triggers the cameras to start recording, assuring that you’ll see what’s happening during a true security emergency. The clips of the video alerts are sharable, which means you can show law enforcement more easily as well as share them on social media.

These are some of the most significant ways smart home security cameras differ from standalone cameras. To find out more about connectable cameras that integrate with your smart home security system, contact Park Security today.

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