3 Things That Should Be On Your Home Security Checklist in 2019

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If you’re an organized homeowner, you may have a checklist for what you would like to accomplish at home. And if one of the things on your list is to look into new options for upgrading your home security system, you need a few pointers on what those upgrades should be. Here’s what you want to look for.

A Wireless Connection

An upgraded home security system can perform a number of impressive home automation and energy management functions; for instance, upgrading to smart home means you’ll be able to turn on the lights and adjust the thermostat through your home security smartphone app. These are welcome conveniences, of course – but home security still needs to come first. That’s the reason why a wireless connection to the monitoring center is so important.

If an emergency like a break-in or a house fire happens, a hardwired security system is not guaranteed to send a signal to the monitoring center successfully. This is because a perpetrator can cut the phone line, and a fire can destroy wires. But with a wireless connection, the system is tamper-proof. Since there are no wires to cut or destroy, alarm signal will reach the monitoring center no matter what.

User-Friendly Technology

These days, everyone wants technology that’s simple to use; if there are too many steps, we get frustrated and lose interest. Fortunately, we have user-friendliness covered. Upgraded smart home systems can be managed entirely with your smartphone on the home security app. Even better: The app can be set up during your installation. There are no difficult steps to remember – just user-friendly technology that everyone in the home can master.

Ongoing Support

Yes, your upgraded home security system will be user-friendly; however, it still requires real technical skill to install, configure and integrate it. This is the kind of expertise that only a professional security integrator can offer. Furthermore, your system can be monitored by the same integrator so that your support is consistent across the board.

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