How To Manage House Guests With Home Security

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Still hosting a few guests for the new year? You want to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for them – but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice using your home security technology while they’re around. The good news is, you can do both. Here are some clever ways to include your house guests in your home security routine.  

Provide them a keyless entry code.

If your system includes smart locks, your guests can use them to enter the house just like the rest of the family. As the homeowner, you can give them their own keyless entry code like everyone else has; the only difference is that theirs is temporary, and can be deactivated when their stay is over. It’s convenient for you and for them, and it prevents you from having to compromise on your home’s security when company stays over.

Give them a cozier guest room.

Everyone loves walking in a winter wonderland – but once you’re inside, it’s time to get cozy. That’s what makes the temperature sensor one of the most valuable devices in a smart home security system. If the guest bedroom is the coldest room in the house (and it always is!), then the temperature sensor can warm it up by communicating with the smart thermostat to raise it to the average temperature of the home. It’s the perfect way to make your guest room cozier and give your visitors a more pleasant stay.

Show them how the cameras work.

Despite the prevalence of home security cameras, some houseguests are still apprehensive about the idea of being “watched” by their hosts. If your houseguests happen to feel that way, consider showing them how the cameras actually work. Start by showing them the home security app, including the settings. When your guests see how the Geo-Services technology works – specifically, that it can prevent the cameras from recording indoor activity when people are home – they are likely to feel more comfortable.

If any of these mechanisms are not yet part of your home security system, let us help. Contact Park Security Systems to request a free home security consultation; we will be glad to show you any of the technology discussed here.

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