The First Step to Preventing Commercial Security Breaches

In between making the decision to get serious about security and forming the plan that will prevent security breaches, every organization goes through a transition period. Before the transition starts, it’s important to conduct a needs assessment; this is a procedure that can identify change objectives, the best order of priorities and how resources should be allocated. In short, a needs assessment is the first step to forming a security plan.

When conducting a needs assessment to kick off a new security plan, here are some key questions that should be asked.

Questions to Identify Security Goals, Resources and Obligations

· What, or who, is the organization protecting?

· What are the current resources at hand in terms of security equipment, staff training and security procedures?

· Does the organization have standards and compliance obligations for future security product and the installation of that product? Who is responsible for ensuring those obligations are being met?

Questions to Analyze the Current Security Climate

· What are the organization’s security strengths?

· Are there any security vulnerabilities present?

· Are there any imminent security threats that must be immediately addressed?

· Are the aforementioned standards and compliance mandates being met?

· What is the cost of failing to implement a security plan on a foreseeable timeline?

Asking These Questions Often

Asking these questions is the first step toward forming a security plan, but they will need to be asked more than once. As an organization evolves and its assets increase, its security risks and threats will also evolve. To address this reality, management will need to consider allowing the company’s security technology to progress as well. As new assets are developed for the organization – whether those assets are equipment, inventory, intelligence or facility space – new security technology must be considered. An organization can only thrive with a commitment to protect what it currently has.

By consulting with an experienced security integrator, an organization can gain clarity regarding these questions and their application to a new security plan. To learn more, contact Park Security Systems.

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