What Young Homeowners Like About Home Security

As was the case in the housing boom of the late 90s to early 2000s, young adult homeownership is making a comeback. One of the most interesting things about this phenomenon is the interest the millennial generation has taken in home security. There are some very good reasons for this. Consider the following.

Young homeowners are busy. 

It’s hard enough to make sure you punch in the alarm code before leaving every morning, and it’s even harder when you’re a busy young professional. Young homeowners who are immersed in the work hard/play hard lifestyle are finding that managing their home security systems from their smartphones is a major upgrade from the way their parents did it “back in the day.”

Young homeowners host overnight guests.

And that means they need smart security systems with smart locks. Whether they are hosting out-of-town friends for a few days, or making extra income by renting their homes out via an online service, a smart security system can make sure arrivals and departures go smoothly when the homeowner isn’t there because each person can have a unique four-digit code. It saves time and eliminates the need for keys, but it can also spare everyone the awkwardness of discussing security concerns at length – and, the guest codes can be deactivated as soon as their stay is over.

Young homeowners shop online.

According to the marketing analytics indexer ComScore, 54% of millennials are frequent online shoppers. Naturally, they want assurance that their doorstep packages are secure if the deliveries come while they’re away at work. It’s another reason why young professionals are turning to security systems with smart home technology built in; the doorbell cameras and smart locks are ideal for staying on top of safe package delivery.

Young homeowners are learning about the ways home security has improved over the years, and they’re liking it. To discuss the ways a smarter, more modern home security system can benefit the next generation of homeowners, contact Park Security Systems.

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