Moving into a New Home: Do You Need Home Security Yet?

It may not seem like it now, but eventually, the temperatures will warm up and it will start to feel like spring. When that happens, it also marks the start of “moving season”: that time of year when people relocate to new cities and new homes. If you’re among the many Americans who will be moving this spring or summer, here are some things to remember when it comes to home security. These reminders are important to consider when deciding how soon you should have a security system installed in your next home.

A security system promotes peace of mind.

No matter how much you love the home you’re moving into, there’s bound to be a period of acclimation before you and your family feel totally comfortable. For most families, this is especially the case at bedtime.

Pro Tip: To deliver peace of mind to you and the people who matter most in your new home, your security system can be armed before bed, disarmed when you wake up in the morning, and armed again as you leave for work and school – and all from an app on your mobile phone. When you have a security system from day one, you and your loved ones can start feeling at home much more quickly.

A security system helps you manage visitors.

Whether it’s licensed contractors and moving professionals or your friends and family helping out, everyone who sets foot in the new home needs to arrive and depart without compromising your home security. To make sure this happens without worrying about keeping track of house keys, your smart home security system can include smart locks that you turn off and on with your mobile phone. When people are working in the home while you’re away, this capability can be a major convenience. If you wish to see who people are before you let them in, then a video doorbell is an ideal accessory to add.

A security system can help lower utility bills.

Turning on a new home’s utility services can be one of the highest move-in expenses there is. When everyone wants a deposit, it can add up to $1,000 or more. That leaves you scrambling to find ways to reduce your electricity and gas bills in the first several months after the move, as you try to recover some of the money that’s been shelled out for utilities. One way you can accomplish this is using the smart thermostat in your security system. Using the same smartphone app that is used to arm and disarm the security system, a homeowner can adjust the home’s heating or cooling to save on utility bills. You may be surprised how much you can save just by adjusting the temperature a few degrees when necessary.

These are just a few of the reasons home security should be a priority for those who are moving. To discuss taking advantage of these benefits, contact Park Security Systems for a complimentary home security consultation.

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