How Smart Locks Can Prevent A Home Burglary

When most people hear “burglary,” the first thing that comes to mind is a crafty intruder prying a window open with a crowbar or smashing the glass in order to enter. But the truth is, many burglars don’t need to put that amount of effort into gaining access to a home. Sadly, many homeowners neglect to secure their own windows and doors – and the consequences of that seemingly harmless inaction can turn out to be quite devastating.

To protect your home and property from invasion, locking your windows and doors is a simple action that can do a great deal of good. But like most American families in 2018, your family is busy – and sometimes, things get overlooked. The good news is, there’s technology to help remedy that.

It’s smart home technology that integrates with your home security system to keep things on track: everything from locking doors and windows to arming the security system. With the tap of your home security mobile app, you can complete all of these proactive home security actions at once, quickly and without interrupting your day.

Smart Locks = Smart Home Security

Smart locks are electronic locks that are designed to secure your home quickly and conveniently. They are becoming more common, as many homeowners know – but what too many homeowners don’t know is that these locks can be integrated with a home security system that has mobile access enabled. In other words, homeowners can control the locks on their doors and their alarm systems all with their mobile app, locking up everything and setting the alarm all with one tap of their home security app.

What if You Forget?

There’s an easy way around that. Your home security mobile app can show you the status of every window with a contact sensor on it, and every smart lock in your home (yes, windows are part of the package too!). The app can also send you reminders when it knows you have left without locking a specific door – including the garage door. And with a quick tap, you can respond by locking the door or closing the garage. No need to turn back around. You also have the option of creating “scenes” such as “Lock Up” or “Leave Home.” These scenes are customized commands that trigger several devices at once, which means you can perform multiple actions: lock the doors, close the garage and wake up your alarm as you leave for the day with one tap.

To learn more about the smart locks that prevent burglary and work with your security system, contact Park Security. We will be glad to answer your questions.

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