Senior Citizen Security: It Works for Wellness, Too

Senior citizens need home security solutions that are tailored specifically to them, and Older Americans Month is a great time to talk about that. While a standard alarm-and-camera configuration can be incredibly helpful to seniors who live independently, a solution that empowers their lifestyles while keeping watch over their wellness is even better.

When there’s a smart home solution that provides both security and wellness monitoring to seniors, their loved ones can rest easier knowing there’s an around-the-clock connection to Mom or Dad’s home in case of an emergency.

Advantages to Smart Home Monitoring for Seniors

Here are some of the advantages a smart home monitoring system for senior citizens offers:

· It’s always on, with 24/7 “eyes” on the home via multiple devices

· It’s always accessible, with a smartphone app that gives real-time alerts and a discreet connection to the system

· It’s always attentive, sending an alert to the senior’s authorized loved ones so they can respond to any emergency situations that may arise

The algorithms in the system even analyze activity in the home to understand the user’s routines and patterns. This allows the system to detect any behavioral changes that may indicate the senior is at risk; if a risk is detected, the system proactively alerts authorized loved ones immediately. That alone makes it a very different system than the standard personal emergency response device.

Connectivity that Works for Seniors

Additionally, the smart home solution for seniors connects a broad range of sensors and devices around the home – much like a security system. In fact, it is a security system while also acting as a wellness monitoring device. The sensors and devices report changes in sleeping and eating patterns, frequency of restroom visits, and even medication adherence. All of this is in addition to monitoring for emergencies. If desired, total connectivity can be achieved by integrating lights, locks, thermostats and video cameras.

Our senior citizen security system in Pennsylvania can be as connected as the user and authorized loved ones want it to be. To learn more about this smart home solution for seniors, contact Park Security to schedule an informative, free assessment appointment.

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