Home Security that Supports Electrical Safety

As National Electrical Safety Month concludes, this is a perfect time to revisit the topic of electrical safety in the home. Here are some tips to put into practice.

Tips to Prevent Electrocution 

Although we don’t hear about every case, hundreds of Americans die by electrocution every year while others are gravely injured. Sadly, many of these people are electrocuted due to home accidents that were largely preventable.

Whether it’s coming into contact with a wet electrical wire or an electrical cord immersed in water, these misfortunes can be prevented by keeping electronics away from sinks, tubs, showers, jacuzzis and pools.

In the kitchen, never let cooking appliance cords near water – and in the bathroom, never allow a hair styling tool or radio near water from the sink or tub. Additionally, the outlets in these rooms should be Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). When triggered by too much moisture, the GFCIs automatically turn off.

Tips to Prevent Electrical Surges 

Electrical surges that happen during thunder and lightning storms can destroy your appliances. To protect them, always use a surge protector on large appliances – and remember, a power strip is not the same thing as a surge protector. With a surge protector, your refrigerator, air conditioner and other large appliances will be shielded from the massive voltage increases that happen during a storm. However, no appliance is safe if it is struck by lightning while plugged in. For that reason, it’s best to unplug all electronics during a lightning storm.

Home Security and Electrical Safety Tips

Families with monitored home security can use their systems to improve their household electrical safety. For example: If there is an electrical fire in the home, the monitored smoke detectors will notify the homeowner and first responders. Then, the fire department can respond to the scene whether the owner is home or not. This can safeguard the home, the family and their property. Additionally, home security cameras can help keep children safe from electrical hazards when a camera is installed in nursery or play areas. Parents can also have a motion sensor installed near electrical outlets as part of the home security installation, or later as an additional service.

These are some of the ways that families can prevent electrical hazards, using sensible safety practices and home security. Pennsylvania homeowners who would like to learn more can contact Park Security Systems to request a complimentary home security consultation.

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