DIY Home Security vs. Professional Security Monitoring

professional home security vs diy

Do-it-yourself options are everywhere now, with an onslaught of choices for homeowners who want to take care of things around the house themselves. But while painting, small repairs and even some installations can be easy for the average homeowner, do-it-yourself security monitoring is not in the same category. Consider these reasons why.

Home Security Involves Real Emergencies

Unlike installing a new dishwasher or attaching rain gutters, security system monitoring involves real emergencies – sometimes, emergencies that can mean life and death. Monitoring your own security system is far more consequential than installing an appliance or some other home improvement system.

The Intervention is Instant  

A professionally monitored security system provides instantaneous intervention if the alarm is triggered. The system sends the signal to the central station, and a live security professional is reacting right away. He or she can send law enforcement or fire responders to the home in seconds; compare that to a self-monitored home security system, which requires you to deal with the emergency in the home and contact help. It takes several minutes, and it puts undue pressure on you and everyone in your home. To that end, professional security monitoring is superior.

The Alerts are Always On

A professionally monitored security service includes mobile alerts to you when an alarm signal is triggered. While it’s true that some DIY home security options also include mobile alerts, consider what could happen if you don’t have your phone in front of you. How would you know to call 911 if you were away from home with the phone in your purse, turned over, or turned off? If your alarm is professionally monitored, that doesn’t matter; you can rest assured that help will be on its way no matter where you or your phone are. If you’ve chosen DIY home security, that won’t be the case.  

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