Smart Home Security for Vacation Homes this Fall

Smart Home Security for Vacation Homes

Happy fall! With summer over, it’s time for most of us to go back to “real life.” Meanwhile, your vacation retreat will be sitting empty for the next few months. How can you make sure it stays secure from vacation property predators?

The answer is smart home security technology.

No, this isn’t the smart home technology you only see in big expos. The smart home technology of today is far more accessible to the average family. It’s also an ideal solution for securing vacation homes in the off-season. Consider this scenario:

You’re filling the car with luggage and locking up the vacation house, aiming to return sometime during the holidays. As is your routine every year, you head next door to thank your vacation home neighbor for watching over the place while you’re gone. After all, his family lives there year-round – so you know you can always count on him. With a wave and a smile, you say, “Thanks again! See you around Christmas!”

But this year, he’s reluctant. “Oh, sorry…we’ll be out of town a lot more this year.” He’s dropping a hint: He’s tired of being your free vacation home security system. So now what?

Are you finally ready to let smart home technology take over? Here’s what it can provide your vacation home.

Discreet Camera Surveillance 24/7

They’re subtle looking, but they act powerfully. Best of all, they can be mounted anywhere around the vacation property you want and integrated with your alarm system. The motion sensors and glass break detectors that support your system will work with your cameras to detect the possibility of intrusion. Now, you’ll have receive a smartphone alert if someone attempts a break in and have video of them doing it.

Professional Monitoring 24/7

But it gets better: Professional monitoring of the smart home security system means you will talk to a live operator at the monitoring center when the alarm is triggered. They’ll send help to your vacation home to check things out, so there’s no need for you to go to the property unless you really want to. If the vacation property is hundreds of miles away, then this is a priceless time saver.

Home Environmental Protection 

Don’t forget, that same system will protect your vacation property from environmental threats like deadly carbon monoxide in the air, costly water flooding and pipe freezing, and of course, incidences of smoke or fire. If you receive an alert that any of these threats are happening, you’ll be able to act right away.

These are the ways that smart home security technology protects your vacation property. Everyone wins: Your neighbor gets the break he deserves and you get professional vacation home security…24/7. To learn more, contact Park Security.

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