Smart Home Security vs. “Regular” Home Security

new and modern home security and automation is better

“Back in the day” is something people say to evoke nostalgia – but when it comes to technology that keeps your home secure, nostalgia can stay in the past where it belongs. Times have changed, and it’s no longer necessary to maintain a home security system that’s tethered to your landline telephone and operated on a keypad. Sure, those systems may still work. But they’re also more work for you to maintain. These days, who has the time?

What’s better is a smart home security solution – one that connects a network of devices together to keep your home secure. Here’s what the network of devices entails.

Motion Detectors and Sensors

Yes, “regular” security systems have these too. But with a smart home security system, you can be alerted the moment someone approaches the front door. And if you add a doorbell camera, you can even see them standing there. The glass break detection will also trigger an alert to your phone if someone smashes the glass on your connected door or window.

Smart Cameras

Speaking of cameras, these are not yesterday’s video surveillance solutions. These are intelligent cameras that can be mounted around the property to keep an eye on every angle of every entry point. And if a camera triggers an alert, you can view the footage live so you’ll never be in the dark about what’s going on. The entire system is controlled by you, the homeowner; tell us how you want your cameras to work for you, and we’ll do our best to help you achieve it.

Environmental Hazard Alerts

A smart home security system does far more to protect the home from non-intrusion threats than a “regular” system does. It can also protect the home from expensive damage – fire, of course, but also flood damage. Adding on water detection means you’ll get an alert when the presence of water is detected on the floor, which can save you from the nightmare of coming home to a flooded house. And for additional life safety, a carbon monoxide detector is part of a smart security system as well.

These are some of the biggest differences between the home security of “back in the day” and the smart home security of now, but they’re just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more ways smart home security is superior, contact Park Security Systems for a free home security consultation.

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