Poison Prevention: How Your Security System Can Help

March is Poison Prevention Month, and it’s time to talk about how your security system can help you prevent poisonous conditions from hurting your loved ones – specifically, the deadly poison of carbon monoxide.

Carbon monoxide is odorless and virtually undetectable in the air, but it’s also a dangerous gas that can endanger human life. Worse yet, it is can be produced by the fumes that emit from a variety of household items, including:

· Ovens and stoves

· Refrigerators

· Clothes dryers

· Fireplaces

· Gas ranges

· BBQ grills

· Furnaces

If there is not proper ventilation while using these items, carbon monoxide can build up to poisonous levels very quickly – and you won’t know it’s there until you start to experience its poisoning symptoms.

What are the symptoms carbon monoxide poisoning? 

The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning are often very similar to flu symptoms. They include weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and disorientation. If someone is asleep or intoxicated while breathing in carbon monoxide, it is very possible that they can die – and even if they are awake and alert, they can become so weak and confused while poisoned that they don’t seek a way out.

What is the way out of carbon monoxide poisoning?

If you suspect you or a loved one is experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning, seek fresh air outside immediately and call 911. However, you should know that if your home security system has been upgraded to home control, you will receive a mobile alert when carbon monoxide is detected in the environment and the central station will dispatch help. This is just one more reason we highly recommend taking advantage of the home control upgrade.

Yes, your security system can help prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. To discuss how to incorporate poison prevention into your PA home security system, contact Park Security Systems for a free home security assessment.

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