Is Your Home Secure Over Spring Break?

If you’re a family that spring breaks, you’re probably a family in need of smart home security. We firmly believe that a smart home security system is the key to more restful family vacations because it answers those little questions that tend to pop into your mind while you’re away. Questions like:

“Did we lock the…”

Front door? Backdoor? Garage door? Whatever it is, you can be sure to remember that oft-forgotten door is locked if you have smartphone control over your security system. If you’re a forgetful family, you can be forgetful no more by setting up an alert that reminds you to lock the doors when it’s time to leave. Don’t want to do an alert? It’s your choice, and you can always check on the status of the locks from the road if you need to.

“Did our pet sitters show up?”

Even the most trustworthy friends or neighbors can forget to come by for the evening feeding or walk; after all, people are busy. To confirm whether your pet sitter remembered, program your system to notify you when they enter the temporary keypad code you gave them. If you don’t receive the alert by the time you expect it, you can contact your pet sitter to check in.

“Is the house okay?”

Whether or not the house is safe and secure is probably the number one worry of vacationers. To make sure you know what’s going on with your home while you’re away, a smart home security system will dispatch help to your home if there is a break in or fire. Additionally, you can choose options that alert you if there is dangerous carbon monoxide present or the danger of a flood inside the house. If you receive an alert about an event like this, you can jump into action by calling someone you trust to take care of it.

Even the most trustworthy friends or neighbors can forget to come by for the evening feeding or walk; after all, people are busy.

Speaking of “someone you trust,” we recommend a smart video doorbell so you can see who rings the bell while you’re away. Making sure anyone who comes to your doorstep is an appropriate visitor – such as a delivery person leaving that package you were expecting or the trusted pet sitter you have an entry code for – is another great way to get the peace of mind you need on vacation.

If you have questions about a smart home security system, we’d love to hear from you. Call Park Security Systems to request more information.

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