Adding a Video Doorbell to Home Security Systems

Is there a more influential home security device right now than the video doorbell? Having a connected device at the door that is a functional doorbell, home security camera, two-way communication device all in one is worth getting excited about. It’s a great device to integrate into an existing home security system.  

Here are some of the most important things a video doorbell can do for homeowners.

Answer the Door from Anywhere

How is this possible? When a visitor outside rings the video doorbell, it sounds like a “normal” doorbell – but on the homeowner’s end, there’s a smartphone alert that notifies them about the visitor. Wherever the homeowner is, they’ll be able to see the visitor on the live video stream – and yes, they’ll be able to speak to them through the device. If it’s someone the homeowner knows, this makes it easy to tell them, “Hey, still at work; can you come by tonight?” If it’s someone they don’t know and would like to send away permanently, it’s just as easy to tell a fib that implies someone is inside but unable to come to the door. In this way,video doorbells help homeowners manage front porch traffic from anywhere. It’s a powerful home security tool.

Stop Unwanted Visitors in Their Tracks

Again, not every visitor is a welcome one. That alone makes adding on a video doorbell an important next step for existing security system owners. Once it’s up and running, you have a fully equipped security camera at your front door that’s triggered by motion and sends an alert to your smartphone as soon as someone steps in its view. After sending them on their way through the two-way speaker, you can download the video clip to view it later, share it on social media, or download it to send to law enforcement. If the visitor is suspicious, this is an outstanding feature to have. 

Keeping Up with Kids

A video doorbell is also the perfect tool for ensuring the kids get home safely after school. Program a daily alert, and view the clips of them arriving in real time. Speaking to them through the device is a fun way to say hello, even if they have their own cell phone. Kids are used to this technology already, making the video doorbell a family-friendly home security tool.

For more on adding a video doorbell to your existing home security, Pennsylvania homeowners can contact Park Security Systems. We will be happy to answer your questions.

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