Would a Medical Alert System Benefit Your Loved One?

It’s a conversation few adults wish to have with their aging parent, grandparent or other loved one: the “Is it time to consider a medical alert system?” discussion. Also known as a personal emergency response system (PERS), a medical alert system is designed to be a network of support to someone who may be at risk of a fall or other medical emergency while living independently.

Who is a Medical Alert System For?

At Park Security Systems, we have found that a medical alert system is not only for the very elderly. It may also be for those who are:

  • Homebound or partially homebound
  • Disabled but able to live alone
  • Disabled or elderly while living with others who work full-time

For these and other independent adults who may be at risk of a fall or other medical emergency, a medical alert system can be a lifeline in time of need. The device that is integrated to the panel is a simple bracelet or pendant; it’s discreet, comfortable and connects immediately to the system when the button is pushed no matter the time of day or night. The operator is located in the United States, which is a fact that tends to allay the concerns of many families.

Setting Up a Medical Alert System

Speaking of relieving concerns, it’s also very simple to set up; just plug the base into a wall, connect the phone cord and flip the on switch. A trusted friend, neighbor or family member typically completes setup – but sometimes, users find it easy enough to take care of themselves.

Having the Conversation

The “Is it time to consider a medical alert system” conversation can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. Making sure loved ones have all the safety support they need is a regular part of family life. To learn more about medical alert systems in the Altoona, Johnstown or State College area of Pennsylvania, contact Park Security Systems.

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