Keeping Families Connected During Coronavirus

In this time of social distancing, families need as much support as possible to stay connected. Fortunately, home security technology can be part of that support. Here are some ways home security can help your family stay connected during coronavirus.

Intelligent Cameras, Alerts and Viewing

While some parents have the opportunity to work from home right now, others are essential workers. For them, the ability to see what’s going on at home while they’re at work is powerful – especially while stay-at-home orders are in place. If kids are home alone, parents need to know:
  • Are they staying in the house?
  • Are they following the rules when it comes to not having friends over?
  • Are their pizzas and other meals arriving on time, and are the delivery people wearing masks?
When you have intelligent, motion detected home security cameras near the front door, you’ll have the answers to these questions. You’ll get a smartphone alert when the motion is recorded, with video that’s viewable on the spot. If you’re a parent who’s working on the front lines, this is a great way to stay connected to home while you’re away.

Phone-Free Call-Out Technology

That covers the kids, but what about aging parents and grandparents? There’s home security technology to help you stay connected to them, too. One option is the Wellcam, which is a home security camera that includes a call-out button and two-way voice capability. That means your parents or grandparents can connect to you directly by simply pushing a button rather than dialing from a phone.

Alerts for Aging Loved Ones

If you’re the approved person on your loved one’s account, Wellcam will send you an alert if he or she is:
  • Roaming around the house at night
  • Not opening their medication box
  • Stopping their normal activity patterns
During this time of necessary separation from loved ones, these are things adult children and grandchildren need to know about.
By using these home security solutions to stay connected, you can make the most of your system. To discuss smart home security cameras or the Wellcam, contact Park Security Systems. We look forward to helping you.

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