Home Security to Maximize Your Comfort this Year

We could all use a little more comfort as winter becomes spring and we continue to navigate the ongoing uncertainty of the world around us. Fortunately, your home security can be part of that. Here are some things it can do to maximize your comfort as the year continues.

Help you feel better about deliveries. 

Today, we rely on deliveries to meet some of our most basic needs. However, some people still have justifiable concerns about the safety of making deliveries such a big part of our lives. Here are some figures to back that up:

  • 68% say they don’t open the door without knowing for sure who’s on the other side.
  • 31% are worried about the possibility of burglars posing as delivery workers.
  • 35% won’t open the door until the delivery worker drives away.

Considering these facts, it’s clear that people feel a need for additional front door security. If you don’t have one yet, we suggest a doorbell camera. This small security accessory is a powerful tool that shows you exactly what’s happening on your porch in real time. Does the uniformed worker approaching your house have an actual delivery in hand? With a doorbell camera that sends the video to your smartphone, you’ll know without answering the door.

Help you find your balance.  

Hopefully, you’ve been able to find more work/life balance over the past year. With smart home security management, you can find even more. This is technology that puts your home on autopilot, so that your alarm, lights, locks and climate control themselves intuitively, turning on and off at times you pre-program.

With features like Scenes and other programming options, your smart home security system gives you less to worry about when you’re away from home — and more time for the things that matter, like your home, family and work responsibilities. It’s a great way to add more balance to your life.

These are just a couple of the important ways your home security can maximize your comfort while it continues to keep your home and family secure. To discuss how you can take advantage of these features, call Park Security. We look forward to helping you.

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