Does Your System Need an Image Sensor?

Image Sensor

Attractive, high definition photos are what people expect to see in advertising, social media and elsewhere. Luckily, that’s exactly what your home security system can send straight to you by text or email if you opt to add on an image sensor. This tiny, intelligent device can be added to your security system to make a smart home system even smarter.

What the Image Sensor Is

An image sensor fuses motion detection technology with a still shot camera to deliver clear images that help you check in on your home and family. Just like the video capability in your system, an image sensor knows when there’s activity happening and captures an image to send you. However, most homeowners only use video outside the home. The image sensor is a great solution for checking in on kids, caregivers or others in the home with a still shot rather than video. It’s less invasive, which gives everyone peace of mind without sacrificing privacy.

What the Image Sensor Does

While one of the most popular ways to use an image sensor is to program it for taking a photo at a specific time of day (when kids come home, when the sitter is making dinner, etc.), you can also program it to capture images triggered by movement.
That way, it does the same thing your video does, but in a less intrusive way. If you have other smart security devices, like a door contact sensor or smart lock, it can communicate with those to be triggered whenever they’re in use. Don’t have those smart security devices? We’d love to tell you more.
So, do you need an image sensor? It can certainly be a great enhancement for your home security system. To learn more, call Park Security Systems. We look forward to speaking with you.

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