Riding the Amazon Wave with Better Home Security

There are more than 147 million Amazon Prime subscribers in the U.S. For most of us, the convenience of free, next-day shipping on the products we want and need just can’t be beat. Whether you became an Amazon fan before the pandemic or during the most restrictive part of it, rest assured that your favorite means of delivery is here to stay. 

But along with the newfound advantages of the Amazon wave, come the unfortunate disadvantages of heightened theft from our front porches and mailboxes. Fortunately, there’s better home security technology today that can help us all ride it out without losing our purchases.

Doorbell Cameras

In the age of daily Amazon deliveries, having an intelligent doorbell camera installed just makes sense. By viewing live video of whoever is on your porch from the convenience of your smartphone, you can intercept if you catch a porch pirate in action — or hopefully, bring each delivery inside the moment it arrives. If you’re too busy to view your footage live, it’s easy to browse your video history minute by minute at your convenience.

But if you’d like to speak to who’s at the door, swipe on that alert immediately and talk to the person through the two-way voice audio function.  

Outdoor HD Smart Cameras 

It’s one thing to know who’s at the front porch — but for a truly comprehensive view of what’s going on around your property, outdoor HD smart cameras are the next-level solution. With these systems, you can benefit from advanced AI that distinguishes whether the subject caught on cameras is a person, vehicle or animal. That way, you’ll know whether who’s outside is a true threat to your Amazon delivery (or worse, a threat to your home security). 

With one of these powerful camera systems, you’ll also be able to set up a virtual “tripwire” that triggers an alert when someone crosses the threshold you have created. Set up the tripwire in your driveway, the middle of the front yard, or any point around your home where you may be concerned about intrusion.

Call Park Security to Learn More 

The Amazon wave is here to stay, and you can enjoy the ride more with the right camera technology watching over your deliveries. To get started with an intelligent doorbell camera, an outdoor HD smart camera system or other home security for your Pennsylvania home, give us a call at Park Security today. 

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