Help for Your New Year’s Security Resolutions

It’s not too late to get started on your New Year’s resolutions — and, if those resolutions include making your home more secure or lowering your utility bills, we have offers that can help. Here’s what you may be interested in as you make your new year’s security resolutions. 

Free Security Equipment and Low Cost Installation 

Home security starts with a security system, but it shouldn’t end there. If you think security cameras are cost-prohibitive, think again; we have an offer that can change your mind. Right now, Pennsylvania homeowners who become new activation customers can get a free security camera as part of their new system. Installation is also accessible to the average homeowner, because this special includes installation for the low price of $199. 

Energy Management for Lower Utility Bills 

One of the most exciting things about modern home security technology is its ability to integrate with home energy management devices like the smart thermostat. Home energy management is great for the environment, but it’s even better for your bank account.

With a smart thermostat, you can automate your home’s indoor temperature on schedules you control completely. Doing this can drastically reduce your utility bills; here’s how. 

Heating and cooling the home can be done by “rules” you set for the system. For example, the thermostat can automatically set back when the system is armed or in “away” status. This can make sure your HVAC only comes on when someone is home. Energy management also has a safety function; if smoke or carbon monoxide is detected, the thermostat can pause to reduce the circulation of dangerous fumes. This can limit the toxic gasses your family ingests as you quickly get everyone out of the home. 

Take Advantage of These Offers 

Taking advantage of these offers is easy. Contact Park Security now to inquire about the free security camera and low cost installation offer. And to receive a free smart thermostat with your new security system activation, mention promo code SMART18. We look forward to helping you cross these New Year’s resolutions off your list. 

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