How Home Automation Can Help You This Spring

The spring season is a time of renewed purpose, whether it’s revisiting the resolutions we’ve fallen behind on or venturing outside the house more. Whatever your busy spring lifestyle looks like, home automation can enhance it by making your home more connected on a manageable budget. Here are some things home automation can do to help you this spring. 

Make Spring Break More Fun  

These days, spring break isn’t just for students. Single adults, couples and families are also taking spring break trips — and now that the pandemic is subsiding, many people are taking them to far away locations. Home automation makes it easy to keep tabs on what’s going on back home, by giving you a window to your cameras on demand and sending you an alert when motion is triggered. If you’ve opted for smart locks as part of your system, you’ll also be able to lock and unlock doors for any service providers who may be coming by (including the garage door, if desired). You can enjoy spring break more because you’ll know everything at home is taken care of.   

Start Work Days Off Right 

Of course, spring break is only for a week or two. When it’s time to go back to work, you can start your days off right by using home automation to get out of the house faster every morning. With geo-services technology and A.I. behavior learning built into the system, your departure can trigger the system to turn off lights, adjust your smart thermostat and send you an alert that reminds you to tap the “arm” function on your alarm for the day. You’ll drive away knowing that while you’re away, the house is secure and your energy is being managed efficiently. There’s no better way to start off the work day. 

Set the Scene for Spring Evenings 

When it begins getting dark later in the day, home automation can help families spend more quality time together in the evenings. Our home automation systems are equipped with Insights Engine technology, which uses advanced machine learning to recognize, respond, and alert you to unexpected activity around the home. If anything unusual happens while you’re watching a movie or sitting around a backyard bonfire, you’ll get an alert immediately so you can take action quickly. You can also use the Scenes feature to automatically perform a series of functions that make the home more comfortable and secure.

Home automation takes on the time-consuming tasks of managing the home, giving you more time to spend together. 

Spring is a busy time of year, but home automation is here to help. To discuss how home automation can help your family this spring, call Park Security. We can answer your questions and help you get started.

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