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How Access Control is More Than Keyless Door Lock Entry

How Access Control is More Than Keyless Door Lock Entry

Now that access control systems are the new norm, the risky days of handing over keys to employees are long over. But access control is not just about keyless door lock entry; it’s truly a comprehensive building management tool. Here are some of the primary reasons. 
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Protecting Your Home from Holiday Burglary

Protecting Your Home from Holiday Burglary

Whether it’s to seek warmer weather or visit faraway loved ones, almost 50% of Americans are planning to travel during the holidays. That makes this the perfect time of year to remind our Pennsylvania home security customers how they can keep their properties safe from burglars while they're away from home, especially during the busy holiday season. No matter how many nights you plan to be away, follow these simple steps to protect your home from burglary during the holidays. 
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How to Prevent False Alarms on Your Property

How to Prevent False Alarms on Your Property

False alarms are a massive nuisance, and experiencing them can lead to many unwanted consequences. The good news is, there are several ways you can help prevent them from happening on your home or business property. Here are some things we recommend to our Pennsylvania security system customers to prevent false alarms. 
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