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How Security Cameras Guard Pennsylvania Businesses from Slip and Fall Fraud

How Security Cameras Guard Pennsylvania Businesses from Slip and Fall Fraud

Slip and fall lawsuits have been around for a long time — but unfortunately, there was a sharp increase in fraudulent slip and fall claims being filed during Covid (according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, which reports that more than 2,000 slip and fall cases filed per year are deemed "questionable"). This highlights a deeper need for establishments to have quality security cameras, which can help protect Pennsylvania businesses from slip and fall fraud cases. Here are the hard facts. 
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Home Security for Pennsylvania Families this School Year

Many of our kids go back to school in August, and it’s time to make sure everything is squared away at home before they start. One of the most important boxes to check off is enhancing security for after school. Whether the kids are walking home or getting off the bus, staying home independently is a big step that requires the best home security has to offer Pennsylvania families like yours. Here’s how we can help at Park Security. 
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How vacation fits with home security

How Vacation Fits With Home Security

With summer travel happening again, it’s time to review the home security measures that can be taken to protect your property while you’re away. Whether you’re headed for a tropical paradise, a forest fantasy or an urban escape, your vacation can fit with your home security goals. Here's how you can do your part. 
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