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A Business Security Boost for the New Year

The high criminal activity of the past several years has many businesses looking for ways to improve security in 2023. At Park Security, we have commercial security options that can help you achieve more security goals in the new year. Here’s what we are recommending to those in need of better business security throughout Pennsylvania. 
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Fighting Auto Theft with Video Surveillance in PA

Fighting Auto Theft with Video Surveillance in PA

Auto theft and auto part theft have spiked nationwide in recent years. The pandemic, a down economy and other factors have led to a widespread vehicle theft problem across the country. Sometimes, thieves make off with entire automobiles; other times, they go after parts that can equate to quick cash at the recycler, like catalytic converters or hubcaps. Fortunately, there are ways for both consumers and commercial property owners to fight against auto theft. Here’s what we recommend. 
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Video Surveillance to Fight Pennsylvania Theft Rings

Video Surveillance to Fight Pennsylvania Theft Rings

Retail theft is rampant across the U.S., but the Keystone State is being hit particularly hard. In 2021, Pennsylvania’s annual $5.6 billion loss due to theft was the highest in the nation. Some of the measures retailers are taking to fight back include the following. 
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